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Originally published on Live Science. The pill was tested on 40 volunteers in their late 40s and early 50s, and on another group of women aged 37 to If women want to see and feel results from the herbal supplement they have to take two pills a day. Scientists Are Trying to Find Out. A woman with Parkinson's disease took a drug commonly used for people with the condition and began experiencing unwanted, spontaneous orgasms, according to a new report of her case. A herbal pill dubbed the 'female Viagra' could be the answer to women's lagging sex drives, according to research. Typical side effects of rasagiline include flulike symptoms, joint pain, depression and gastric problems, the researchers wrote in the study.

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And one previous report described a case of a spontaneous ejaculation in a man who had also been taking rasagiline, they wrote.

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Female 'Viagra' claims to make sex better for women

The study, which found a link between higher levels of testosterone and decreased sex drive in women, also found that high-testosterone women were more likely to masturbate than low-testosterone women. Scientists Are Trying to Find Out. In fact, researchers have conducted dozens of studies exploring the many reasons why a woman might not feel like having sex. The study also found that the same thing is not true for male mice, which were willing to copulate even when in pain. This pill claims to reduce all of these issues and scientists in Italy conducted studies to prove it. Studies have shown that the Lady Prelox pill provokes significant improvement in desire, arousal and lubrication in women - making sex more pleasurable and less painful.

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took to many orgasm pills women
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took to many orgasm pills women
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