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Tsunade made a sex toy demonstration. She absolutely loved the taste, so much that she couldn't stop. The increase of fat to her butt caused her pants and underwear to be forced downward, revealing the deep crevasse of her butt crack to the world. She bent both her legs, then spread them out so they both laid against the floor, leaving her vagina completely uncovered. Pressing her ear against it again, the woman could literally hear and feel the extra spurts of milk from within, and the tight stretching of skin as it grew even bigger.

The feeling was centered right at her genital area.

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It had enough strength that Hinata immediately lost balance and tumbled to the ground. Click above to play the game. She loved bovine ears, horns, and tail. I'll spoil you every single day. They learned that there was a small, unknown area in the forest that was never seen before, and was never listed in any of their maps. She so desperately wanted to find out. Hinata sighed in relief, as it meant this woman was just another Leaf citizen, and not a bandit or enemy ninja.

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