Hold til very last minute pee

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BUT, a child this young On one side put her name, on the other, yours. I think is the main source of her sensitivity of her vaginal area, but shes gotten tested for a bladder infection and it came up negative. My granddaughter did that too. First thing in the morning put a little diaper cream on the sore area. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer?

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BUT, again, a child thinks they can hold it

HELP! 4yo refusing to go to toilet until last possible minute

She just takes care of it now, which is so nice for me, and our relationship. Even at this age they cannot always do what their mind is telling them and visa versa. I think its because she doesnt want to stop what she doing until she absolutely has to. I know how long this reply is and I am sorry for the length. And if there is one she doesn't like ask her why. Discuss why it is a problem for you and ask her if it is a problem for her.

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