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School girl gets facefucked by the janitor. After little more than a minute Misty's body exploded in a shower of pleasure, the feelings from her pussy racing along every nerve in her body, the orgasm racking her body as her pussy tried to hold Cloud's fingers inside. She didn't notice before now, that this was a small classroom, a red apple on the dusty desk, and 5 desks in front of it. Smiling, the lady allowed it, leaning forwards to gently kiss Misty's cheek, her hands stroking softly over her exposed skin and sending tiny shivers through Misty's body. It begins when the polite, seemingly normal Lou Ford is sent to encourage local prostitute Joyce Lakeland played by Jessica Alba to leave town. Misty for her part, was now staring intently, her wet diaper now beginning to itch. Sadly I'm stuck just enjoying the view.

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Petite school girl atones for her sins.

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Cloud stopped once more and turned again, her pretty face now deadly serious. Though this hasn't happened so far in Doctor Whoit very nearly did. How do we know they're the hottest? Jessie carried the still crying Dawn over to the playpen, and gently sat her onto her rear, before looking over at the shaking orange-haired girl. It unshackled her hands. Misty shivered as Cloud pulled away again, leaving the threat hanging in the air between them like a knife as they continued to walk, Misty's mind filled with a mixture of fear and interest at Cloud's mention of a punishment. However, the beating is hard and this film is unflinchingly violent and gets even more disturbing.

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