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It also doesn't mean you're gay either. It's always a turn on to have someone walk in with my erection front and center. I do like to go into the sauna and let it get hard. If one guy gets one it's going to lead to others getting them too. Men's locker room Toilet jackoff. Our dick's were MADE for getting hard, I know I'm hard-wired that way, and if I don't have a frequent release at home chances are good I'll be pulling over in the car, pulling down my pants and masturbating out a load of sperm in a parking lot in broad daylight.

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Please log in or register to post comments. Could there be men in showers with boners that would like to something with other guys? In walking around during the day, or sitting at my desk I'll get a semi or even full erection without thinking a sexual thought as such. It's happened to me personally. Same thing if you're around people who are yawning, soon you will be too. Anyone know of anymore videos like this one? This video shows that even though these guys have semi-erections, they're just going about their own business.

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nude men in public shower
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nude men in public shower
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