Pediatric imperforate anus expert witness

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So, yes, constipation for an IA child is life altering, but then so is diarrhea. We found that I have a dirty little secret. All patients were enrolled in normal schools. The blockage exists, so everything that comes in behind it either adds to the impaction, or simply seeps around it, much like water will do in a clogged drain.

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Anorectal Malformations in a Tertiary Pediatric Surgery Center from Romania: 20 Years of Experience

The long term functional outcome is essential for these patients' quality of life. Sonography can be used to determine the type of imperforate anus. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Due to educational policies in Romania of the last two decades, we have no cases of children integrated in a special institution. Retrieved 15 September We found however a lower incidence of associated abnormalities. Imperforate anus usually requires immediate surgery to open a passage for feces unless a fistula can be relied on until corrective surgery takes place.

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pediatric imperforate anus expert witness
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