Glenn beck position on homosexuals

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Beck said after Friday's Supreme Court decision, he is going to begin looking for new ways to communicate with the public. Some might point to his criticisms of President Obama, his time spent at Fox News, or any of the other very not-Liberal stances Beck has taken. Why are people in same-sex marriages? Prompted by Stern, Glenn Beck dug a little deeper than just his ideological differences with Fox. Perhaps, now that marriage equality is now the nationwide law of the land, Glenn Beck will have opportunity to clear his position up even more so for those who saw him differently.

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Why would this vociferously conservative, GOP notable make such seemingly outlandish comments on the issue of gay marriage?

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Glenn Beck Is Pro Gay Marriage

Marriage law affects a myriad of other laws, and there is an unavoidable encroachment on religious liberty. If nothing else, he said, they could be compared to the Westboro Baptist Church and lose their tax-exempt status. This is actually wrong, and misdirecting. Related Questions Has same-sex marriage changed the way straight people view gay and bi people? He chose to become a part of the Latter-Day Saints LDS community later in life, a result of a spiritual journey after a difficult childhood, years of substance abuse and a spiritual crisis. It's going to open up the floodgates.

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glenn beck position on homosexuals

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