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His voice is gone and his quick wit is gone too. He was NOT real. I think his ego may be in play a bit here. Tom and the lawyer take calls after discussing what are usually relevant current events and the callers will get free legal advice to a certain extent. Feel free to browse the top menu for new items. He plans for most of the shows to run live 3pm-6pm Pacific Time, but if there is a high level of interest from the audience, especially if that includes a high volume of calls perhaps because of breaking news, or a really hot topiche may extend the show an hour or more. We have made it so that it will be made clickable.

Tom acts like his biggest fanboy agreeing there should be open borders yet he is always whining about paying taxes.

The Tom Leykis show is done after this year

And Tom, if you're reading this - you're welcome. The show has become an echo chamber for the regular callers — whom in general seem to have lower IQs. After all, he and Howard Stern have the same agent. There would be some costs for the app, a mic, maybe Gary and Dino, but that is it. If it happens regularly, I wouldn't be surprised if he starts doing the Tuesday show at 5pm or even 6pm.

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